Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers in Hyderabad

KVB Cloth Hangers - Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers
Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers in Hyderabad

Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers

Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers are made with a simple yet powerful technique to dry your clothes, These Cloth Hangers are made with pulleys, Ropes and Pipes fixed to homes ceiling with a bracket another small bracket to wall to hold the ropes.

These hangers gives you feasibility to fix them in any place be it Indoor or Outdoor.

These days getting more cloth drying space is a big problem, The homes with limited space is not allowing to dry more clothes in very less available space. The need of Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers thus came in to Demand. These Hangers are Fixed to Ceiling and multiply the space by providing you “More Clothes Drying Space”. What else you need your problem is solved now.

Pulley Cloth drying hangers are Creative and Clever Idea to create more cloth drying space while Utilizing Less space of your home. Creating more space vertically is a Unique Idea which gives freedom to dry more clothes. Ceiling Cloth Drying Hangers make your life effortless.

Operating these Hangers is very Easy just remove the Rope from the Holder… Put your Clothes on the Hanger pipes… Pull the Rope and set in the holder back in place. it is that simple and any person can use it hussle free.

The Hangers kit comes with all the Necessary Spares, Just open the pack and Install it where ever you want.

Advantages Of Cloth Hanger

  • Inexpensive Product with Amazing Features.
  • Cash On Delivery and Installation Available in Hyderabad.
  • Stainless steel Tubes with different sizes.
  • All Clothes Hanger Accessories available and easily serviceable.
  • We Offer the Best Price and Service for Balcony Cloth Drying Hangers.
  • Bulk Orders will get Special Discounts.
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Online Store

Introducing Online shop for Cloth Drying Roof Hangers, All Sizes Cloth Hangers are Placed in the Store, All Accessories for Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers are available in Store page.

In Our Online Store we have placed all the available products with us. We have Installation service in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Guntur.
For all other places We ship product as per the order details.

We are adding more places in our Installation available Areas list.
The Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers are available in Various Sizes starting from 3 Feet to 8 Feet.

Cloth Drying Roof Hangers in Hyderabad
Ceiling Cloth Hanger Sizes
  • Cloth Drying Roof Hangers are available from 4 feet to 8 feet
  • 6 Stainless Steel Rust proof rods
  • 2 Lines and 3 Lines are also coming soon
  • Strong Nylon Cords
  • Quick Service in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur and Mangalagiri