Frequently Asked Questions on Cloth Hangers

KVB Cloth Drying Hangers
Frequently Asked Questions on Cloth Hangers

Frequently Asked Questions on Cloth Hangers

Cloth Hangers are the Best Idea to Dry your Wet Clothes.

We have collated information about Cloth Hangers available in the Market.

It Helps you to choose one before you purchase them.

How many types of Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers are available?

Several types of Pulley Cloth Drying Hangers available in market However Majorly the famous ones are

  • Ceiling Cloth Dry Hanger : These Hangers are Fixed to Ceiling of the House.
  • Wall mounted Cloth Dry Hanger : These Hangers are Fixed to Wall and collapsible.
  • Floor model Cloth Dry Hanger : These are Stand type Hangers which can be folded when not in use.

What are the available sizes of Cloth Drying Roof Hangers?

Cloth Drying Roof Hangers are available in different sizes

Usually it starts from 3 Feet and available up to 8 Feet (3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft )

 The standard Width is 2 Feet with 6 Pipes ( Lines )

We are Planning to Provide 2 Lines ( Pipes ) and 3 Lines ( Pipes ) also

How to Put Clothes on the Hanger Rods ? Do we need to climb up ?

Absolutely No need to climb up for putting your clothes on the hanger rods.

 Just take out the rope from the wall bracket and the pipe will come and stop in front of you allowing to put your clothes on it. It’s that simple.

How to Install Cloth Drying Roof Hanger ?

Installing Cloth Drying Hangers takes not much time, Any Carpenter, Plumber Electrician or a Person with minimal knowledge about using a drill and screws can do it.

There are several videos available on youtube about installing cloth drying hangers.

Honestly we have not made any such video as of now however we will be uploading a video once we do it.

What is the best pipe size and Diameter ?

Pipes size or Length is very common which starts from 4 Feet to 8 Feet. 

Of course few hangers in the market are available up to 10 Feet but we wont prefer them.

When it comes to Diameter of the pipe there are different Diameter people are using the popular ones are Half Inch pipe and 3/4 Inch pipe.

Yes, We provide all available diameter pipes with different options like PVC Brackets and Metal Brackets.

What is the Maintenance Charge for Cloth Hangers ?

No maintenance required for these hangers.

However if you require to change the Rope of your hanger you can call us. Usually after a couple of years people prefer to change the rope.

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